Does This Sound Familiar?
You’re an entrepreneur working your butt off to keep all the plates spinning, you are paying the bills, but you didn’t go into business to just pay the bills.
You work day and night and most weekends.

You are too busy to take a real vacation like the one you have always wanted to take where you don't think about work, and you don't answer email, text or phone…

You want more, but you don't believe it's possible for you at work any harder.
If this sounds like you, there is excellent news.

You don't have to work harder, in fact, you can work a less and make more but if you don't will end up stuck in a downward spiral which will turn into a tragedy if you get hurt, sick or for some unforeseen reason you are unable to work.

There’s a name for people who fit this description.

An entrepreneurial slave.

How do I know?

I was one, and I can promise you, it doesn't end well.

I’ve seen the beginning and the end.

I want to help free you so you can go from being owned by your business to you directing the outcome you know you deserve.

My Story
My name is David Mulvaney.

Some consider me to be a sales and marketing expert, but I detest the tag “guru” because most gurus don’t have much experience at growing a conventional brick and mortar business.

I’ve grown my own companies that generated over 100 million in sales.

My team and I developed sales and marketing systems which produced repeatable results.

But here’s a little secret, I’m not special (you already know that if we are friends).

I am merely good at crafting marketing messages in such a way that makes people want to buy. 

Everyone wants to buy, no one wants to be sold.

Good copywriting changes everything.
I’ve been on this entrepreneurial roller coaster for over 27 years, and there is a lot of experience that accompanies over a quarter of a decade as an entrepreneur.

My quest, to end entrepreneurial slavery, which is being owned by ones’ business instead of owning it.

I help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through great marketing systems, eliminating debt, and purchasing cash flowing assets to build long term wealth.

Ultimately I want to help people have the money and time to live the life they have always dreamed of.

The truth is, my resume looks stellar, but for 8 of those 27 years, my business took over my life.

I became a slave to my company and eventually under the weight of debt and depression, my company went bankrupt late in 2016.

Thankfully I had followed what I teach and had cash flowing assets outside of my core business, or I would have gone bankrupt personally.

Why This Matters to You
All of my adult life, I have grown my businesses.

I have found that the most significant value I can bring to others is by helping people to grow their own businesses instead of growing mine.

Most entrepreneurs are missing the one skill that is possessed by successful business owners around the world.

The one skill they are missing is the skill of good marketing, and good marketing requires great copywriting.

Good marketing is not an activity; it is a well-planned, well-refined skill.

Businesses that have good copywriting are able to get a constant stream of new customers, which produces cash flow and allows the owners to eliminate debt.

Millions of businesses are struggling today because their marketing fails to convey a clear message of transformation.

If you want to make more money, a lot more money, regardless of the business or industry you are in, you need good copywriting.

Copywriting is the written part of marketing.

The written copy can be turned into books, videos, audio, commercials, images, blog posts you name it, good copy will attract your perfect clients.

When you put the right message in front of the right audience at the right time, it will always produce the right result.

I can help you craft your marketing message in such a way that makes your products and services irresistible to your ideal clients, which brings new and repeat customers for many years to come.

I’ll help you to identify the transformational benefits that your products and services provide, that solve your client's problems or make their lives better.

Your message gives you “expert” status in the eyes of your clients.

They will seek you to help them solve their problems or make their lives better.

Your marketing message makes them trust that you can help to transform their lives or their business.

Ways I Can Help Your for Free
If you are reading this or you watched the video above, you likely have no idea who I am so I want to make sure you have the opportunity to find out all about me and more importantly, how I can help you.

I’m not the most polished person on the planet, my videos are not always professional and at times downright goofy, but there is always something you can steal from my experience.

1. Download a digital copy of my book: I wrote this book as a diary of over 25 years of my experience as an entrepreneur. Start and Run Your Own Business Today it truly is the blueprint to financial freedom. To get your free copy click here.

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