It’s a shame that so many businesses will fail because of Coronavirus

Perfect this one skill and 
prosper in the eye of the storm

Join David Mulvaney, for a Free Masterclass and discover an ancient (and forgotten) skill to skyrocket your sales now.  

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You Must Attend This Masterclass If…

  • You’re tired of cold calling and prospecting (and wondering if they’re a thing of the past)…
  • ​One on one meetings seem like an impossibility in the COVID economy…
  • ​You’re trying to navigate the online world of selling without running off your new-found "friends"… And there are so many fricking gurus you don’t know how to approach the online frenzy…
  • ​You want a proven method to generate 7 figures or more every year without working 16 hour days.
  • ​You are tired of “branding” (a fancy word for "selling" where you don't make any sales, so you don't get paid). This type of branding never works, and since you don’t have a “Bud” budget, you can’t afford to waste ANY money on marketing without measurable results?
  • You are stressed to the max because you know if you don’t do something NOW you won’t be able to pay your bills in the coming months…and like so many others, you're afraid of many uncertainties…

Take a Deep Breath – There’s Good News

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Selling isn’t dead; it's just different... Adapt to what WORKS and prosper in any economy...Even during quarantine

For over 150 years, top marketers have used the skill of copywriting to sell products and services in the great depression, two world wars, the crash of 08, and yes, Covid19.

Copywriting is the art of selling with carefully crafted wording.  
Words start wars, words end wars, and words drive sales…

Words Matter.

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We've helped hundreds of missionaries get fully funded and worked with some of the most highly regarded ministries and non-profits –– including the American Cancer Society, the Special Olympics, and ministries like Catalyst and People Of The Second Chance.

Most of all, we love missionaries and ministry leaders and we're devoting these three days to work with you face-to-face to teach you the skills and strategy to get fully funded.

Master the craft of copywriting and selling becomes easy. 

If you want to sell a product, carefully crafted words convey your message. 
Words help you make the sale.

In this CAN'T MISS Masterclass, you'll also discover...
  • Cash flow as consistent as the sunrise. The secret advertising technique of millionaire entrepreneurs.
  • ​How to attract a steady stream of NEW clients without coming off like a slimeball... Even if you don't have a product yet.
  • My secret formula to a seven-figure business. A blueprint to the self-perpetuating business...And how I consistently create million dollar companies. I've done it for over 28 years and how you can too.
  • The easiest way to get clients to come to you so you never have to chase them.
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