The Writer’s Secret To Cashflow On Demand

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If you’re struggling to get enough sales to be profitable, if you can’t afford another failed launch, and you’re tired of wasting money on marketing gimmicks that “kind-of” work, these are the most crucial 477 words you will ever read.

Here’s why…

No matter what you sell, the marketing message is not about you or your products; it’s about the reader’s desire to make life better.

When your reader sees that the message is about them, and they believe you will help make their life better, you’ll make sales like never before.

Buyers will come to you, card in hand, ready to buy.

If you don’t have enough buyers, there are two reasons they aren’t coming to you:

• They don’t know about you
• They are “aware of you” but don’t trust that you will solve their problem

Tell the right story, and buyers will come to you because you give them the hope of a better life.

Unfortunately what many entrepreneurs do is hire cheap writers, or try to do it themselves because they think the value is in the graphics, the app, social media campaign, or other technical features that are not critical.

Sure those things are necessary but not crucial.

Copy is crucial. The words you use tells the right story, or they don’t.

If your copy isn’t attracting customers quickly and easily… Too much selling is required.

Would you rather sell to people or have them come to you ready to buy?

Poor copy can cost you millions.

And hiring an inexperienced copywriter to save money is just plain stupid.

You can’t drive the Mercedes and pay someone to fix it in their backyard.

That never works.

If you knew you could hit your sales goals in the next 30 days, would you start today?

Get your message right, and you’ll hit your goals for the rest of your life.

I know what you’re thinking…This guy is right, but I still don’t have the money spend on an expensive copywriter.

What you are really saying is you don’t have money to waste on something that won’t work.

So the question to ask is, does copywriting work?

You’ve read this far because you’re confident that everything I’ve said so far is true. Because it is.

The copy did its job.

You don’t need gimmicks to sell your products; all you need are the right words that make your prospect trust that you can help them.

Your message can be this clear…Frankly, it should be.

When you get your message right, you’ll attract clients quickly and have cashflow on demand.

Do you want more clients? I want to give you a free resource I created, How to Attract 5 New High Paying Clients in The Next 30 Days.

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To your prosperity,

David Mulvaney

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