5 Steps For Business Owners To Create A Direct Response Customer Acquisition System That Will Bring In New Customers Like Clockwork

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Do you want new customers and don’t know where or how to get them? Are there just too many things to try to become successful that never seem to work, that make big promises but take too much time or are just too complex to work?

Or worse, they won’t work in your type of business?

Well if you’re frustrated, join the club. I know how you feel I was in the same boat until I learned how to simplify what I was doing and create my very own direct response customer acquisition system.

But you might be saying, Dave what the heck is a direct response customer acquisition system? It is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a marketing system that you follow, you create and then you own it. It generates leads for you. Carefully chosen leads of your ideal prospect. It filters those prospects and turns some of them into profitable sales. It does all of this all automatically once it’s built.

The reason it is so essential for you to own it is because once you know how to do this one thing your business will be scalable for as long as you own it.

Here are the components you will need to build a direct response customer acquisition system.

  1. You need a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a piece of content that gives your perfect prospect information they are seeking on a specific subject. The lead magnet can come in the form of text, video, webinar, live presentation, or audio or many others. The key to the lead magnet is that it will supply the prospect the information they seek in exchange for some of their information, usually their first name and e-mail address. This will allow you to talk to them for years to come without ever spamming them. The important thing about your lead magnet it has to be really good. You can’t trick people into believing something will work for them. They have to believe that it will work for them before they ever make a purchase but once they do they can be your customer for life if what you provide gives them value.
  2. You need a landing page. A landing page is a place where people will come to get your lead magnet. The landing page can be the front page of your website, an internal private link on your website or even a Facebook page. Where it is hosted is not nearly as important as it’s functionality. It must give your prospects an easy way to get the lead magnet. Usually a small box with a headline and a place to put their name and e-mail address and then a “click here” button or the like.
  3. You need a way to manage your prospects automatically. This is often referred to as a CRM, customer relationship manager. You will write a series of e-mails that will talk to your prospects about things that matter to them but are designed to lead them back to you. The first e-mail in the series will, of course, be to give the prospect the lead magnet. All of the e-mails after that are designed to get the prospect to the next step, whatever that is. You will decide what that is, but that is why it’s called a direct response because each e-mail will guide them to a response. The response may be to get them to sign up for a lunch and learn which in turn is designed to guide them to make a purchase. Each step has a predefined direct response.
  4. The first purchase your customer makes is not intended to be their last. In a direct response customer acquisition system, your goal is to get each prospect to make a purchase. The first purchase is usually a purchase that does not make you much money or at least allows you to break even. A restaurant might use a buy one get one free dinner as the lead magnet. When the purchase is made the sale must cover all costs including the cost of getting the client in the building. The idea behind using a direct response customer acquisition system is the first purchase must cover 100% of your costs of acquiring the customer and the cost to deliver the first sale. Everything else after that is gravy (literally). The restaurant owner knows they will sell additional meals to other family members, wine, desserts or other drinks. Those other items are where they make the profit. As long as the customer’s info was captured through the landing page that restaurant owner can send lead magnets to that customer from now until eternity without ever having to spend another dime on advertising because they have the customer’s name and e-mail address. They own the right to market to that customer. This is how you become your create your own media channel.
  5. Follow up constantly. The fortune is in the follow-up. Follow up is where riches are made and believe it or not this is where most entrepreneurs get lost. They get so tied up in the day to day minutia that they don’t consistently follow up with their customer, so they are always in a battle to acquire new customers. I’m the worst at follow up, but I have learned that when I create all of my follow up in advance and automate it through my CRM, I can look like I’m really good at it. I have people tell me all the time they love my e-mails. I’m usually a little surprised because I often forget that I wrote them a very long time ago and when someone enters my direct response customer acquisition system through the steps laid out above, the system does this automatically.

When you put your focus on these 5 steps before long, you will acquire customers over and over again like clockwork. Dan Kennedy states that the company who can spend the most to acquire the customer always wins. When you have zero cost to acquire your customers, you will have a truly scalable business and be on the path to lifelong prosperity.

Do you want help setting this up? It’s not hard you can have this up and running in under 60 days if you take action.

I’d like to show you how you can do this and give you other free tips for your business which is why I offer free live coaching but seating is limited to the first 50. You can get details and sign up by clicking here.

To learn what you need to do to have your very own direct response customer acquisition system. Get started now, click here.

To your lifelong prosperity,

David Mulvaney

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