Are Negative Thoughts and Doubts Holding You Back?

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Are Negative Thoughts and Doubts Preventing Your Growth

Did you have big goals for this year?

Are you half way there?

Are you frustrated because what you thought would work just hasn’t panned out as you had hoped?

Do you have doubts that you will ever hit your dream goals?

Are you reasonably sure you will never hit the massive goals? The ones you never tell anyone about?

I know how you feel; it’s a lot more common than you might think.

The top names in business and industry have doubts about their dream goals and visions.

Everyone has doubts, but I’m not going to focus on doubts as much as the source of the doubts.

The good news is that you don’t have to fix your doubt to achieve your goals.

Every entrepreneur who has done anything significant has doubted along the way.

Doubt is deeply ingrained in all of us.

So what’s preventing you from growing your income or growing your business?

I believe there are two critical ingredients that if you put all of your focus on these two things, you can achieve anything you set out to achieve regardless of your level of doubt.

Without both of these, you will flounder along never really achieving your true potential.

Even if you have already achieved great things, you know, deep down; you can achieve more.

Let’s look at the two key ingredients to achieving your dream life.

  1. You have to have believe 100% that you will reach your destination by the date you set and become the person that would reach that destination.
  2. You must put forth the necessary action that it will take to become that person.

Hal Elrod, in his book The Miracle Equation, puts it like this, you must have unwavering faith and put forth extraordinary effort to achieve your miracle.

It starts with belief.

You will never get anything you do not believe you will achieve because, in order to believe you are going to hit your goal, you must become the type of person who can accomplish that goal.

The power is in the becoming not in the destination.

Negative thoughts prevent you from becoming the person you must become to hit your destination.

I’m not talking about reading another self-help book or watching another TED Talk.

I’m talking about looking directly at the destination and imagining the type of person you would need to become to achieve that goal and then believe that you can become that person.

You can become that person I promise.

If you haven’t achieved your desired goal, it’s because you are not the type of person who can have that yet.

You must become that person, and only you can decide that you are willing to become that person.

When you believe with everything that is in you that you will become that person you have accomplished step one.

The next step is to put forth whatever amount of action it will take to become that person. Notice that I did not say that you put forth the effort to hit your goal.

The focus is on becoming the person who will hit that goal and putting forth whatever action is necessary to become him or her.

It’s been said; success is a journey, not a destination.

This is true IF you are becoming the type of person who would arrive at that destination, and you are putting forth whatever action is necessary to achieve that goal.

You can’t give up at any point on the way to the destination.

The type of person who hits their goal is the type of person who will work all the way until the finish line even if you don’t hit the target.

The destination is important, or you wouldn’t want to arrive there.

But, the goal doesn’t matter if you are becoming the type of person who is already at the destination because once you become that person, you will reach the destination.

Sometimes the date might change, but you never believe it will because even if you are at May 22nd and nowhere near halfway to your dream year, you still have the rest of the year to become who you believe you need to be to hit that goal

Becoming is usually based on your work ethic and the actions you take. 

Will you have doubts and fears along the way?

Of course but it is not a prerequisite to reaching the destination.

  • Figure out where you want to go.
  • Work backward and figure out what actions will be necessary to get there.
  • Decide the person you would have to become to do those actions.
  • Believe you will become that person.
  • Put forth 100% of the effort to perform those actions.


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