Are Your Sales In A Slump?

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Are Your Sales In A Slump?

Are you struggling with money in your business?

Not selling enough to keep cash flow constant?

Do you wonder where your next customer will come from?

Are you a victim of hope marketing?

You know the one, where you hope that someone, somehow will make your phone ring and ask to purchase your products.

Do you even have a marketing system?

If you suffer from slumping sales and cash flow problems there is good news and bad news.

The good news is you can do something about it very quickly.

The bad news is if you don’t do something about it you are heading for very rough waters.

There’s nothing worse than being on a sinking ship without a bilge pump.

If you are a CEO or a sales rep, and you are ready to do something about your cash flow problem, keep reading.

There is a way to fix your cash flow problem that works 100% of the time.

In fact, the only time it doesn’t work is when you try to take a short cut and leave something out.

Don’t do that.

So what do you need, you ask?

You need a doctor and the only doctor I recommend is DR CAS™.

DR CAS™ will bring you new, targeted customers on a weekly basis as long as you follow the formula.

You might be saying, who the heck is DR CAS™?

DR CAS™ is an acronym for Direct Response Customer Acquisition System.

A direct response customer acquisition system allows you to do the following very effectively.

  • Target your ideal client.
  • Show them how you can solve their problem or make their lives better.
  • Positions you as an expert.
  • Gets them to come to you instead of you chasing them.
  • Allows you to get profitable sales without being the lowest price.

No bidding in this model.

Let me explain a little deeper.

I actually stumbled on this by accident, twice. Once in 1992 and again in 2005.

For the sake of brevity, I’m only going to tell you one of these stories.

From 2005 – 2011, I used a direct response customer acquisition system to generate over 30,000 targeted leads and averaged over 400 leads a month for 6 straight years.

The best part was, for every $1000 I spent to acquire a customer, I brought in $10,000 in profit.

This is the holy grail of business.

Dan Kennedy explains in his book, The Ultimate Sales Letter, that the business that can spend the most to acquire the customer always wins.

For years I thought this meant that you just throw money at marketing and advertising and hope that business comes banging on your door.

But that is hope marketing and rarely works unless you have lots of venture capital behind you and if you do, their money will run out too.

What Dan was saying was, when you can learn to make money when you acquire the customer, you can grow your business to any size you choose because you have a metric that is 100% scalable.

Like I said earlier, I made $10,000 for every $1000 I spent to acquire the customer.

If you could do that, how much would you spend per month to acquire customers?

It becomes a simple question of whom do you want to serve as a customer and how many of them do you want to have.

Did you catch that?

You can pick and choose your ideal customer and you don’t have to take those jerks that never want to pay you what you are worth.

Back to my DR CAS™.

From 1998 to 2017, I owned a manufacturing company.

We manufactured electrical products that were all designed to reduce electrical costs.

In 2005, a competitor claimed that we copied one of their products.

One problem, I had never seen any of their products and after some research, we found that I didn’t make any products that were even remotely similar to their products.

So I did what any business owner would do, I got my attorney involved.

But this guy really pissed me off because the more I researched his company, the easier it was for me to see that he was a scam artist.

His company was set up to recruit distributors to sell his products with outlandish claims of energy savings.

I was so pissed that he tried to paint me with the same brush that one Friday night, I couldn’t sleep and I went to my computer and started to write.

By 5:30 in the morning I had completed a book which I titled, Energy Savings Without Getting Scammed.

The book was a direct retaliation but what it did was expose this guy for who he was and it exposed others like him.

More importantly, it positioned me as an expert in the industry and I had distributors flocking to me like crazy.

I ran targeted ads on Google AdWords and the response was overwhelming.

I had so many people (targeted leads) wanting to talk to me, I had actually had to put tiers of questionnaires in place to determine whether they were “qualified” to sell our products.

I put huge opening order minimums in place and they still kept coming.

But the reason they kept coming was that my products were extremely high quality and allowed my distributors to be excessively profitable.

So it wasn’t just working for me.

Some of my distributors made 7 figures in net profit per year selling our products.

How did they do it?

If you guessed that I helped them set up a DR CAS™, you guessed right.

I showed them how to use a lead magnet, to attract their perfect customer, position them as an expert and to use it to weed out customers who didn’t quite fit their business model.

My question to you would be, what would you do with 400 targeted new leads each and every month?

How about 200, or even 50?

I would think with 50 new targeted leads each and every month, you would at least have a handful of sales and likely a lot more.

Even if you are not in sales, you have the personality of a frog, or you were the worst salesperson on the planet, with that many leads, your business and your life will become very different.

Are you ready to get out of your sales slump once and for all?

Do you want to learn how to set up your very own DR CAS™?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level, or be on your way to having a money-making business of your own?

I will show you how you can get targeted new leads each and every month, like clockwork, but I can’t help everyone, nor do I want to.

I can take on a handful of new clients, and I only want to work with people who are ready to take action now to design the life and business you have always dreamed.

If you are ready to take action and fix your money problem once and for all, click here to schedule a call. I’d love to show you the way.

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