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I don’t believe there are any larger obstacles that stand in the way of success more than self-doubt. Self-doubt never lets you down. It always produces the result which it’s programmed to supply. That result is the vision of what would happen if you fail, which is what caused the self-doubt in the first place. Every result starts first with the vision of the result. So if you have self-doubt you begin to create visions in your head of what happens if you fail, what happens if things don’t work out, what happens if Murphy’s law applies and so on.

But everyone has self-doubts. Everyone has limiting beliefs. Everyone has a long list of failures along life’s journey.

But if you are struggling to find success in your business or your endeavors you need to get rid of self-doubt or your failures will just begin to multiply, further reinforcing the self-doubt.

The good news is, you can change the programming because you control the keyboard and the mouse. I’m talking about the programming of the subconscious mind. All of our results come from the subconscious mind. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in Psycho Cybernetics, a book he wrote in 1967, explains his discoveries of the programming of our subconscious mind and how most of the programming was put there by others.

Maltz refers to the subconscious mind as a success mechanism. A success mechanism, like a guided missile, zigs and zags until it hits it’s target. The guided missile’s vision is on the target yet the target is off in the distance and getting to the target requires overcoming obstacles and barriers to achieve success. The guided missile however does not see the obstacles, it only knows to travel to the target because that is what it is programmed to do.

Picture it like this. The army has wants to take out a building full of terrorists but the building is very close by is a school full of children. The buildings look the same but the missile is not programmed to hit the wrong building. The missile is programmed to go where it is programmed to go. Technically it can’t go anywhere but where it’s programmed. It’s not designed to fail. The programming is so simple that a GPS coordinate will be hit with 100% accuracy. But if the programming was flawed meaning, while the GPS coordinates were being entered the programmer put the coordinates in for the school the missile will hit the school. The missile does not know the difference, it will complete its mission successfully because it is not programmed for failure.

Our success mechanism is far more powerful than any computer. Think of it this way. When you were an infant child and you wanted to learn to walk. You believed that you would one day walk. Your success mechanism, like a guided missile in your subconscious mind took each failure, remembered what didn’t work and made adjustments to provide the eventual result of walking. Boom, success. It actually goes deeper than that. The child envisions themselves walking before they ever walk. The subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between the vision and reality.

There have been multiple studies of humans who see reality very different from actual reality. We are creators and we tend to create reality in our mind the way we perceive them instead of the way they really are.

Police officers get really frustrated when there is more than one witness to an accident because if there are five witnesses the officer will get five different stories of what occurred. This happens because the mind creates visions based upon its programming even if the vision is different than reality. The subconscious mind sees the vision as reality.

Your mind is the most powerful computer in the world and scientists believe that humans use less than 10% of its computing power. If you want better results it starts with believing that you are going to have better results and then taking action on the belief. Belief without action is dead. It doesn’t work. In the Bible the book of James chapter 2 vs 14 it says “What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him?”

Faith is belief. What good is it if you have belief but you don’t act on your belief. Can your belief produce the result? Not without action because if you believe deep down that you will have success you will act in a manner that proves you will have success. Your subconscious mind sees the belief and action is the correct programming and will produce the desired result. Belief is one of the most powerful emotions of the subconscious mind because it causes your success mechanism to hit the right target.

Whatever you are struggling with envision the result as reality and take action on the reality. The more clear this becomes in your mind the faster your mind will provide you the path to your destination. Believe in yourself, your passion, your destination, take action on the belief and allow your mind to produce the result it was designed to give you. You are the programmer. Take control of the mouse and keyboard and live a life of prosperity.

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