Building A Relationship With Your List

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If generating leads is the most important thing you can do for long term growth and stability, then building a relationship with them is the next most important step. When someone likes you they will listen to you, when they listen to you they will believe you, when they believe you they will trust you and if they trust you they are most likely to buy from you.

But first they have to like you and in order to like you they have to have a relationship with you.

You need to talk to them through e-mail, your website, your blog, videos and any way possible for them to get to know you.

This is ultimately what I am doing with you.

I’m talking to you about subject matter that is important to you, making your business successful.

You can easily tell that I have tremendous knowledge in this area and that makes it very attractive to you because you are reading this information and I’m not charging you any money.

You in turn can take what you’ve learned and make money with it.

So naturally if you were struggling to find an answer to something in your business where will you go to find the answer?

You will come back here because you know you can find it here.

This is why you must build a relationship with your ideal customer. You just need to find the right method, whether e-mail, text, video, audio, podcasts, blogs it doesn’t matter you simply need at least 2 methods of communication and you will build a relationship and find lots of new customers.

The relationship is the key to generating trust.

To your lifelong prosperity,

David Mulvaney

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