Building Business Systems – Defining The End Before The Beginning

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Building Business Systems Defining The End Before The Beginning.

Do you feel stuck? Do you have business coming in but you are in an endless cycle of work but little or no extra money left over in your business at the end of the month?

Are you looking for a change?

If you want something different you have to define what the end looks like now before you go on. What do you want your business to look like?

Sometimes defining what your business looks like is hard for some people so I wanted to give you a little checklist to help you do just that. It all starts here because once you define your destination the next step is simply arriving there.

Clearly defining the destination is the life changing moment you are seeking.

Sometimes just knowing what you don’t want is as important as knowing what you do want. If you have problems with your wants define what you absolutely don’t want.

I call this the who, what, where, when, why and how of your business. It goes like this.

Getting Leads.

Who is in charge of getting leads and building the lead funnels? It can be more than one person.

What methods will you use to generate leads? Think landing page, tradeshows, social media etc.

Where will your leads come from? Think landing pages, sales people, tradeshows, etc.

When will you get them?

Why do you get leads in this fashion?

How can you improve your lead generation?

Communicating with your leads.

Who is in charge of communicating with your leads?

What methods of communication will you use? Think, email, social media website, video etc.

Where will you communicate with your leads? Think e-mail, social media, website, video etc.

When will you communicate with them? Think how often, time of day.

Why are you communicating with them? Think end goal

How can you improve your communication with them?

Lead funnels.

Getting paid

Monetizing leads.


Order fulfillment.



Answer the who, what, where, when, why and how of every aspect of your business so you and your team, if you have one, can focus on building recordable systems for each aspect of your business. Then all you need to do is plug the right people into the system.

If you can take this series of questions and answer them you will be on your way to seeing your business for what you want it to look like. Initially to the who question all of the answers might be you. The best part of all of your answers is that you are striving to one day answer every question of who with a name other than your name?

Do you see how this exercise makes you focus on your business and looks very different from working in your business? This is the next step to owning a business instead of having your business own you.

Don’t put this off, do this exercise today. It should take you less than an hour the first time you do it.

To your lifelong prosperity,

David Mulvaney

Watch for an upcoming blog post about outsourcing to see how you can begin to delegate to others.

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