Color Blind But Now I See

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I watched a YouTube video this morning, actually I watched two. The videos I watched were about people who are color blind and their friends or family give them special glasses that allow them to see color the way people who aren’t color blind see color. (See Below) After I wiped the tears from my eyes, it really got me thinking. Most companies completely miss the mark when they advertise. And by advertising I’m referring to anything in print, web, video or audio that is meant to generate leads for your business.

The problem with most advertising is that it focuses on products and features instead of the transformation the product will have on the audience. I’ll show you what I mean. This is how many companies would market said pair of glasses would attempt to sell them.

They would tell us how sturdy the frames are, that the lenses are designed by leading scientists and doctors, the product is Made in America and they would certainly tell us how these unbelievable glasses will allow you to see colors if you are color blind.

This is why marketing is so broken today. If you are struggling to get leads the most likely scenario to your problem is the fact that you’re telling about your features a lot more than your benefits to your customer. Your customer only wants to know two things, how you can help make their life better or how you can solve their problem.

If you are color blind, you want to see color. The gentleman in the video is 66 years old, at least that’s what it says in the text below the video. He has undoubtedly accepted the fact that seeing true color was never in the cards for him until this fateful day when he wore these glasses. The transformation is so joyful it brings most viewer to tears, most viewers with a love for others anyway.

It doesn’t appear that this video was made by the company who manufactured the glasses but if it’s not they should definitely be paying this man for the rights to this video. Why? Because it portrays the transformation that their product can give their customers and when you do this effectively anyone who is color blind would want these glasses. Don’t you think they would pay nearly any price to get them? When your marketing is so good it stirs the emotions of the viewer, you will win every time.

This video is just good marketing.

Selling is not more complex than that but finding the transformation is the challenge that too many marketers fail to accomplish.

If you want more customers than you can possibly serve, a big bank account and a more leisurely life, allow your prospects to feel the transformation.

Consider this before you hand out your next brochure or when you look at your website. Does it convey the transformation or a whole bunch of features that no one cares about?

If you are struggling to find how your product or services transform the lives of your prospects and customers, especially how to convey that in your marketing, reach out to me. I can help. Schedule a call with my by clicking here.

To your lifelong prosperity,

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