Everybody Is A Genius When The Economy Is Booming

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Everybody Is A Genius When The Economy Is Booming

In a recent conversation, a client said to me, I don’t need any new customers.

Do you have trouble taking care of your existing customer base?

Are you so busy that you really can’t take on any new business?

If this is true of your business I’ve got bad news.

Your business is not scalable.

And if your business is not scalable you will be an employee to your business for the rest of your life, or at least until you go out of business.

I communicate with business owners on an almost daily basis.

One common statement I hear as of late is, I don’t need more customers right now I am having trouble taking care of the ones that I have.

They make this statement like that’s a good thing when in reality if you can’t take on customers you are not going forward you are going backward.

Your business is either growing or shrinking.

Business never stands still.

And if you don’t do something about it, everything will change for the worse when the economy slows.

I didn’t say “if” the economy slows I said, “when”.

The economy will slow, it always does and if you are not taking on a constant stream of new customers, you are in trouble when it does.

I’ve often wondered how many trees were destroyed for the billions of business cards that hit the trash from 2008 to 2011.

The good news is that there is time to make some tweaks so you can grow again.

There are only two things that cause a business to fail:

  • Lack of profitable sales
  • Too much debt

Profitable sales fix both.

But you may be saying, but Dave, I have profitable sales that’s why I can’t take on new customers.

There lies the problem.

If your current sales have a high enough margin you can hire more people so you can take on more customers.

And now the excuses begin:

  • I can’t find good help
  • The right people are too expensive
  • The work is too technical and it takes years to train the right people
  • If you want anything done right you have to do it yourself

The truth is your business is stuck in complexity mode.

Complexity mode is the danger zone for a company.

It’s where the owner forgets why he or she went into business in the first place.

Most people will avoid saying they went into business to make money but if you are in business your one and only goal behind having a business is to make money.

You want to be paid handsomely in exchange for solving your client’s problem or making their lives better.

That’s it.

Think with me for a moment.

Imagine you could attract your perfect clients to your business.

I’m talking about the clients who you would love to do business with and who will love to purchase from you.

When you attract them, the initial one or two jobs are high margin, low skill sales.

Low skill doesn’t mean unskilled labor it simply means it is the type of work that someone can be trained to do fairly easily and would not be the end of the world if that person quit.

Picture a veterinarian for a moment.

A veterinarian is a doctor so he or she must attend to her patients.

She only has so many hours in a week so once her schedule is full she can’t take on more patients.

Once she begins turning them away those clients are almost assuredly gone forever.

So how does the veterinarian increase her income?

By simplicity.

By attracting pet owners to her business for services that do not require the services of the vet.

Services like grooming, teeth cleaning, boarding, walking, flea dip and any other’s she can think of.

How about attracting clients to purchase products like flea shampoo, heartworm pills, vitamins, healthy dog foods and how to books on pets.

Most vets would say that they do offer all of these products and services but my response would be do you attract new clients and existing clients to come back over and over again for these services?

For most, the answer would be no.

I don’t care if you are an electrician or a lawyer, the time you have to work is limited.

In order to make more money and grow, you need to attract new and existing clients to your products and services that require a lower level of skill to earn the money.

That is entrepreneurship 101.

The best most cost-effective way to do this is to hire a direct response copywriter to help you clarify an irresistible message so you can attract the right clients.

People do not buy features and technical specifications.

Your clients purchase because you can solve a problem they have or make their lives better in some way, shape, or fashion and copywriters, good ones, are excellent at bringing your ideal buyer to a place where that can happen with ease.

Copywriting is a skill that is not very common these days.

It is a skill I began to study back in 2002 and by 2004 my company was growing at over 100% per year from 2004-2009.

Today I use those skills along with my 27 years as an entrepreneur to help you scale your business.

But more importantly than just scaling your business, I show you how to avoid a life of entrepreneurial slavery.

Where your business owns you instead of you owning it.

I will even allow you to “test drive” my skills.

I offer free live coaching for those who are looking to scale their business.

These coaching calls are not a sales session.

They are packed with information on how you can scale your business this year.

I’m looking to help entrepreneurs who want to grow by ½ million to 3 million in sales in the next 12 months and I can’t take everyone.

I’m not looking for tire kickers who never take action and are loaded with excuses on why they are struggling financially.

I’m looking for decisive people who know they want to grow and need some assistance to make it happen for them.

So the “test drive” also allows me to find out if you would make the right client for me but more importantly assures you that I have the experience you are looking for to guide you to your destination.

For details about live coaching click here.

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