Gurus And Why We Are All Starting To Detest Them

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What a surprise I just received another e-mail from another online guru telling me if I just send them a little more money I can make 5 to 6 figures a month online. It makes me want to puke.

There are a lot of gurus out there who have never sold anything other than how to make money online. They profit off you and I, we pay them to teach us to do something they have never actually done, selling in the real world.

I’m talking about selling, real world sales. The crap they are actually afraid to do.

So why am I sick of these gurus? Because selling in the real world involves a lot more than a landing page and an e-mail campaign.

I have owned a service company, a manufacturing company, import export business and a distribution company that has sold products all over the world.

Why do I tell you this? Because I’m no guru.

I make money in the real world, face to face, doing that thing we used to refer to as sales.

Sales require you to listen to someone else’s wants and needs and if you have the solution to their problem you provide it to them at a premium.

The key phrase is, “at a premium”. My focus is always about high profitability not more sales. I want profits to be high per sale rather than more sales.

More sales at lower margins require more work, more people and less to do it with.

I’d like to show you a path to prosperity. It is not the only path but is a sure path. A path that, if followed, takes you to your desired destination every single time. I can assure you it is a path less traveled and it’s not very well paved until you get past a lot of obstacles you have been taught were the “right way” of doing business.

Unfortunately much of what we have been taught about business is flat out wrong. Bidding for work is the absolute worst way you can use to generate income. Bidding is basically selling your products for less than your competitors.

Think about it. The customer is basically telling you they want to pay for the lowest possible price they can get to complete the job. Why on earth would you ever want this customer? Did you know that you can pick and choose your customers and have more than enough of them to never again have to bid for low margin work?

The question is, will you?

For most the answer will be no because bidding is easy, it takes very little effort and requires very little change.

But if you are willing to learn, tweak a few things you can invest some time now, you can get so much free time on the back end your life can be completely different.

Imagine lots of cash flowing jobs coming in on autopilot and you have the time to enjoy it. This can be your life and I’d like to show you what it can look like. I’d like to give you the map, but I am not sure you are the type of client that I would like to work with and it’s very possible that you would not want to work with me. So the easiest way to find out is for us to have a call and discuss it. We will limit our time to 15 minutes and see if there is any synergy between us.

To schedule a call you can click on this link and get on my calendar, Click here to schedule now.

To your lifelong prosperity,

David Mulvaney

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