Plan B

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A lot of people go through life worried about plan b. You don’t have enough saved, you need to put more away for retirement and you know deep down that time is not on your side. Frankly it’s not.

If you are stressed about time and don’t think you have a good plan b, I have good news for you. Neither do I.

Humans were never made to have a plan b. When we were hunters if we didn’t get whatever it was we were hunting, we wouldn’t eat. In sports you give your best for your team with no desire other than to win.

Is that your desire? To win? If it’s not I’m not sure I or anyone can help you. Winning isn’t everything but it’s why you play. Why play if not to win?

In order to win you have to fail often. You fail until you have something that works and then you expand on it. Failing is the catalyst to success.

Failing your way to your goal only works when you have singleness of purpose. One focus, one result, one goal.

Good things are going to happen when you have one focus. Life becomes easier when you have one purpose, one focus, one goal. Having one focus doesn’t mean you do one task all the time it means you have one end result and you will do as many tasks as it takes to get that result. No plan b.

I’ve been fortunate to have had times in my life where I have made boatloads of money and times where I made very little. I think it’s important to be able to experience both. It’s a lot more fun when you don’t have to stress about money so I highly recommend you try it at least once and if you do it at least once, by all means keep it. I had to do it twice because I was fortunate enough, sarcasm added, to lose it all and have to make it a second time. I can tell you losing millions is the best teacher you can have. Most people never do what it takes to make millions but when they do they never know the path. Once you know the path you just follow it again and learn from your past mistakes.

If there is one thing I could convey to you, if I could reach through my keyboard and grab you by the shoulders and shake you, I would tell you to listen. You can have whatever you want if you just make it the number one priority in your life. No plan b. You are going to struggle. It’s a given. The struggle is the path. The struggle is part of the weaning process. Struggle and failure are the best teachers.

But through struggle and failures you can come out smelling like a rose. Why? Because if you are willing to fail and fall on you face enough times you will have success. When you decide there is only one plan and one result all you need to do it strive for it every day of your life. When it means so much to you that you will devote whatever amount of time that it takes to get it, you will succeed.

Define the result and strive for the result. One result. No plan b.

To your lifelong prosperity

David Mulvaney

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