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I often tell people that you need to see your business the way it will look when it’s done. I told you the three main things I will have when my business is done, time freedom, location freedom and money freedom. By reading this blog you can learn to have all three as well but it will absolutely take a laser focus on your goals and not focusing on the obstacles.

But you must take action.

So let’s look at what that means to define what your business looks like when it’s done.

Define the end goal. You need to do this with as much clarity as possible.

  • How much income per month coming in on autopilot.
  • Do you have to work? How many hours a week will that be if so.
  • How much cash do you have in reserve.
  • How much reserve cash is invested into cash flowing assets.
  • How much do you give to charity?

You keep adding to the list until the end result is clearly defined.

Define what activities it will take to achieve the end goal.

  • How many prequalified leads will you add per week/month/year
  • How much additional profit per week/month/year to pay yourself first, eliminated debt and build reserves?
  • How long will it take to be debt free?
  • What activities do you do that can be delegated?
  • What processes do you have not that can be automated?
  • What will it take to automate them?

You keep adding until you have defined every step in the process. These have to be your ideas not mine. You create the list the way you want it to look.

This is how you clearly define the end result and the steps necessary to get you there. Then all you have to do it perform the steps it takes to get there. Sounds easy right? It will be if you have the right mindset and stay focused on the end result, never on the obstacles.

You are a creator. You were made in the image of your creator and He created everything. Everything ever created was a vision first. Create a clear vision and design the life you have always knew was possible.

To your lifelong prosperity,

David Mulvaney

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