The Best Solution To Your Cash Flow Problem

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The Best Solution To Your Cash Flow Problem

Are you struggling in your business?

Don’t have enough cash flow to pay all the bills?

Are you last in line on payday?

Do you sometimes skip paying yourself?

Is self-employment even worth it?

It’s tough being an entrepreneur because like it or not you are a commission only sales rep.

If your company doesn’t sell its goods and services, you don’t get paid.

Worse than that, the longer you are in business, the more overhead you have.

Owning a business can be a downward spiral that will consume your entire life and if you don’t take control of it, your business will eat every dime you have and every moment of time you can spend.

To top it off, your business will consume every dollar you can borrow.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There is good some really good news.

You don’t have to continue like this but you need to stop what you are doing long enough to learn what you have to do to change course.

It’s not that hard but it is very different from what you are doing right now.

If you keep doing what you are doing this does not end well I promise.

90% of businesses fail because a big percentage of their owners are too hard headed to seek the help they need.

There are only two reasons a business will fail:

Lack of profitable sales and too much debt.

Proverbs 9 is all about wisdom and in verses 4 through 6 it says this.

“Let all who are simple come to my house!” To those who have no sense she says, “Come, eat my food and drink the wine I have mixed. Leave your simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of insight.”

In is chapter the “she” is wisdom and she is flat out telling you that you need to stop what you are doing and get help and more importantly that the help is readily available.

The struggle you are having now, the hurt you feel deep inside, the loneliness you are experiencing can end but you have to take action before it’s too late.

When your business is in trouble there comes a point where too far means starting over.

But the good news is if you are at the spot of having to start over or you are getting close, the solution to your cash flow problem can be summed up in one word.


If you will seek wisdom you will find the solution to your cash flow problem, to your money problem and your debt problem.

Success comes from wisdom, wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from lots of good and bad decisions.

Where do you find the knowledge and wisdom you seek?

You find wisdom by learning from others who have traversed the path you are on and found the path to the spot that you desire to go.

To put it simply, if you know where you want to go, find a guide to help get you there.

If you don’t know where you want to go, take any path you want.

You want to seek the help of someone who has had the success you seek but who has also been in the game long enough to have fallen on their face a few times.

The list of successful entrepreneurs who started over a second or third time is an extremely long list.

When you start again, getting back to the point you were before is easy, getting past that point is also easy because when you have the wisdom to navigate away from previous mistakes the second or third journey becomes so much easier.

In 1992 I started out on the journey of self-employment and by 2006 I was killing it.

I owned a real estate investment company that was making me about 200K per year and I owned an electrical products manufacturing company doing over 10 million in product sales worldwide.

Life was pretty good.

But, by 2015, through some major challenges and many bad decisions on my part, my manufacturing company came crashing down.

I’d like to say this was the worst thing that ever happened to me but that would be a total lie.

What I would say that is was one of the toughest things I have ever experienced but not the worst.

When I look back now I can see it was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.

By 2013 my company was consuming my life.

I didn’t own the business, it owned me.

I couldn’t sleep, I was self-medicating with beer and wine on an almost nightly basis, I was almost 2 million in debt and I worked all the time.

I realized I needed help so I sought wisdom but I knew I needed more than just the books I was reading.

I am an avid reader, I read or listen to two to four business books a month.

But this time books were not enough.

I knew I needed a coach.

Someone to guide me to where I wanted to go.

The problem at the time was I wasn’t sure where I was going.

My mind was a mess and I needed to first clarify where I wanted to go before I could set out on the path to get there.

Once I did, I realized the destination I was seeking was very different from the path I was on.

My life now is very different from my life back then.

I have my life back and I spend my time helping other entrepreneurs turn their struggling businesses into cash flowing machines.

I love what I do.

I’ve experienced the struggle and helping you through this time in your business and your life gives me great satisfaction in knowing your life will be forever changed for the better.

The question is are you ready to head to your ideal destination?

Do you know what destination you seek?

If you do the first step is you must take action.

The action I believe you need to take is to get help.

If you don’t seek my help get help from someone but I caution you.

Your brother in law who has never owned a business is not the place to go to get help.

Seek the help of someone who has been at it longer than you and who knows how to guide you to where you want to go.

When the player is ready the coach will appear.

It’s possible, even highly probable that is exactly what is happening right now by the simple fact that you are reading this.

I would like to coach you through your cash flow problem.

I will show you how to get lots of new profitable customers like clockwork and with the profits, you can eliminate your debt.

A new business, a new life.

If you are ready to do something different I want to invite you to a free live webinar that I will be doing on Thursday afternoon.

I will introduce you to a program I created for you that I titled, Prosperous In 60, how to design your dream business in 60 days.

On that webinar, I am going to show you how you can have a very different business in the next 60 days.

How you can have lots of new profitable customers.

This will not be a sales presentation, I’m going to show you what you can do to change your business and your financial future.

How you can use LinkedIn to get new customers right now without having to be the lowest price.

For details on the webinar and to sign up click here.

You don’t want to miss this if you’re struggling this is exactly what you are looking for.

Take action now and sign up by clicking here.

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