The One Thing You Can Do This Week To Increase Profitability

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The One Thing You Can Do This Week To Increase Profitability

Profit is not evil, although many would have you believe otherwise.

I find it odd that there are so many people in business who simply get by and never really achieve massive profitability.

You make sales, you get good work, but you never seem to get to where you can sit back and relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Statistically, 90% of all businesses fail, but of the ones that are left, less than 10% of them go on to become excessively profitable businesses.

Most business owners are owned by their companies.

I know, for years I was one of them and if you are one of them, I’m not giving you a great revelation right now.

You know it and you are asking yourself whether you have the time to keep reading because your boss, the monster you created, is beckoning.

Well, if you are owned by your business there is good news and bad news.

The bad news is that if you don’t do something about it, your business will consume every dime you have, every hour you can give, every nickel you can borrow and it will spit you out at the end without a stitch of remorse.

The good news, you can go from being owned by your business to owning the business of your dreams, if you are willing to do one thing.

The one thing that changes everything.

The truth is, you already know what you need to do you just haven’t made yourself do it.

The one thing that changes everything is action.

Action is the most critical step to the business of your dreams.

But not just any action will suffice.

You can spend all day every day working in your business and it won’t get you anywhere.

You have to take action on creating the business exactly the way you want it to look when it’s done.

You have to have an end goal in mind for your business or it’s just a job and for most entrepreneurs, a job is exactly what we don’t want, yet it is exactly what we create.

I started a company in 1998 and from 2004 to 2009 my business was set up exactly how I planned.

I had cash flow coming in on autopilot, no debt, lots of cash in the bank and best of all I had a lot of free time.

Almost all of our energy was spent on customer acquisition and satisfying them once we had them.

My business was a textbook business if there was such a thing.

But things changed and we stopped focusing on customer acquisition.

From 2011 to 2015 I spent most of my time running the business instead of growing it.

By 2016 my company was out of cash, over a million in debt and the hole was so deep there was no digging out.

I had to file Chapter 11.

Fortunately, I had two other companies at the time but the bankruptcy was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through mentally and physically.

It wasn’t the economy that sunk my business, it was my lack of action on the one thing that fixes everything.

There are only two things that will cause a business to fail.

Too much debt.

Not enough profitable sales.

The one thing that will fix any struggling business is profitable sales.

This is where you need to place all of your action.

If you are not spending time each and every week on acquiring new customers for your business, you are managing the business and it’s a recipe for failure.

Let me go back to my business from 2009 to 2015.

During this period of years, we had retail sales in excess of 40 million dollars.

Why do I bring this up?

Because you can have lots of customers now and you can be really good at selling and servicing them, but if you are not constantly focusing on getting new ones, failure is somewhere on the horizon.

I can honestly tell you, whether you are new in business or whether you have been in business 50 years, customer acquisition is where you must take action.

When you do, your life and your business will be very different.

I believe the best and only way to acquire customers is through a scalable system.

I designed a system for acquiring customers which is automated.

Automation is the key to scalability and scalability is the key to freedom.

I named the system a Direct Response Customer Acquisition System™.

Once you put the system in place, it keeps your business on a path of constant customer acquisition and it assures that you will continue to sell to your existing customers.

And here’s the best part.

All without having to be the lowest price.

You can achieve maximum profitability and work with your ideal customers.

When you take action on the right activities you will have the time to enjoy your life instead of spending every waking moment stressing over your business.

Are you ready to take action?

Will you?

Are you tired of being owned by your business?

I’d like to show you what a Direct Response Customer Acquisition System™ can look like for your business.

A Direct Response Customer Acquisition System™ will:

  • Attract prospects in your target audience.
  • Talk to them through automated systems to determine if you can help them solve a problem or make their lives better.
  • Weed out prospects that would not be a fit for you or them.
  • Entice existing clients to make additional purchases.

Are you ready to be more profitable?

Do you want more clients?

I will host a free live webinar on Thursday which will show you how to create a Direct Response Customer Acquisition System™ and why LinkedIn is the fastest way to do it today.

You will learn how to create a Direct Response Customer Acquisition System™, without having to hire an expensive marketing firm, without being a writer and without stressing over having to hire enough good people to make it all happen.

Are you ready to take action? Will you?

Click here for details and to sign up for Thursday’s webinar.

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