There Is A Lot Of Evil In The World

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There Is A Lot Of Evil In The World

My God Mother (it’s a Catholic thing), my Aunt Dorothy, died when I was 15.

In her will, she left me a car, a yellow Opel Manta.

It only had 36,000 miles because she mainly drove it to the grocery store and back.

I had never noticed anyone else with the same car before having one of my own.

To my surprise, I started to notice Opel Mantas everywhere.

It taught me a valuable lesson.

Once you focus on something, you see it everywhere.

It is true, there is a lot of evil in this world, but there is also an enormous amount of good.

I meet great people nearly every day.

If you seek good, you will find it just like the Opel Manta.

For some reason, all you see in the news is all about the evil in this world.

You and I are the only ones who can put a stop to this negativity.

If we choose, we can take away their platform.

Stop watching or listening to their negativity.

If you can’t stop watching, watch half as much.

The less we watch, listen, or tune in, the less their advertisers will spend money on their platforms, and they will be forced to change.

We have to be the ones who take charge of what goes into our minds.

To find the good in those around you, all you have to do is look hard enough.

Seek good, and you will find goodness.

Comment below and tell me about some good you noticed in your world recently.

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