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Time is the most valuable commodity known to man.

We are all given 24 hours in a day, 8,760 hours per year. You can accumulate money but you can’t accumulate time. Every hour you live you are one hour closer to the end. Every wasted hour is an hour that can never be returned. No one on their death bed says I wish I had worked more.

You can live a full life but you have to wake up. A life filled with passion and excitement for what you really love to do.

I don’t believe that people want to waste time. I don’t think it’s normal to say to one’s self, I think I’ll just sit here today and feel like I did nothing. So why do so many go day after day, week after week with little or nothing to show for what they did?

When you do, do you blame procrastination? Procrastination is only a symptom of the disease. The disease is much deeper, much more sinister and causes far more pain. The disease is sinister because it hides itself to us. It doesn’t want us to know it’s presence and worst of all our surroundings make it so the disease is virtually impossible to find. Those surroundings, preventing us from seeing it, is our TV’s, computers, smart phones, social media and even the day to day mundane activities that keep us in procrastination mode. These time stealers will eat your life if you let them.

There’s good news though, it’s not your fault. You didn’t choose this. Your mind is programmed to avoid pain. Your mind does this all by itself without you ever telling it to not touch a hot stove. Your mind instinctively knows that performing the mundane consumes time and after a certain amount of time is consumed, then comes rest. So our minds are excellent at consuming time without too many conscious thoughts.

Overcoming procrastination is actually very simple. You have to want something clearly and bad enough and you will begin down a path to acquire it. You start with a desire.

If your desire is to get more out of life, achieve your goals and dreams you are going to have to change the pattern of procrastination. It’s not that hard but does require discipline. People hate the word discipline because they associate discipline with hard work. Discipline does not always require hard work but it does require consistency. Consistency is easy. Most people go to work every single day, stay married, take care of their children and have some fun. All take discipline so everyone has a level of discipline for the things they want to do.

In fact, I would argue that discipline can be quite easy if taken in small bites. Each small step moves closer to a worthwhile goal.

I grew up in Wisconsin. At the age of 4 my parents moved from Milwaukee to Brookfield, a suburb located about 20 miles west of Milwaukee. By the age of 6 I knew I liked to have money to buy candy and baseball cards. So I really didn’t want money I wanted candy and baseball cards. No one really wants money they want the stuff that money buys. Brookfield offered two opportunities to earn money year round. Cutting lawns and shoveling driveways. I loved snow days. A snow day, for my southern friends, is a day when the snow would be too much to plow all of the roads in time to get busses to the children safely. If the busses couldn’t get to us there was no school. On these days we always got up early to listen to the radio to find out if school was canceled and if it was I was out the door by 7:00 am. Within minutes I had my snow gear on and was out knocking on doors. Play would come later I was going to make some money shoveling driveways. I typically charged $5 to shovel a driveway and Brookfield has some big driveways. The goal was the $5 which I wouldn’t receive until the entire driveway and the sidewalks were clear. I would start with a path down the middle and then work from the middle, one row at a time to the one side until that side was done and then one row at a time until the other side was done. Then the sidewalks. Then I would ring the doorbell and typically would receive a cup of hot chocolate and $5, sometimes a tip if the snow was excessively heavy. It didn’t take long to finish the hot chocolate and I was on my way to the next driveway. Often times I would finish shoveling around 4:00 in the afternoon and I’d have about an hour to play and then I’d have to go home for supper. Supper is the same as dinner for my southern friends.

What you can learn from this is that I had a fairly large chore ahead of me and I really wanted the money. It only took a little discipline to get the money.

  1. I had to ring the doorbell and ask for the sale.
  2. I had to do the work a ½ row at a time.
  3. I collected my money and do it all over again.

Three easy steps to my goal. You can do this in your daily life and achieve “adult” goals in a very similar manner. It has worked for me and tens of thousands of people just like me. I put together a one week mini course which I titled The One Week Time Miracle because that is exactly what it will do with your time. If you follow it you will find the miracle of time control. Time management does not exist. We are all given the same amount of hours in the day. We can only control what we do with the time we are given.

I coach people on how to be more profitable in their businesses and I get paid well to do it. Why do I get paid well? Because when I coach someone they make more money in their business but first I have to make sure they are as effective as possible with every hour that they work which is why I made The One Week Time Miracle. It helps them to be more productive and get so much more done in less time that it helps them make more money. And now you can get The One Week time Miracle for free by clicking here. Don’t worry, there’s no credit card needed or anything like that. Just a short course that takes less than 10 minutes per day for you to be so much more productive.

No major changes, just small daily adjustments with a little discipline to get what you want accomplished.

I can’t make it free forever so go get it now by clicking here. One small step. One small discipline.

To your lifelong prosperity,

David Mulvaney

P.S. If you want to get what you want out of life you need to walk in the direction of your goals. It’s starts with being as effective with your time as possible. Get The One Week Time Miracle now.

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